Privacy Policy

If you are visiting our website for the first time, you can be assured that we value the privacy of our customers and potential customers very highly.

Personal information

As a visitor to our site, you will not be required to enter any information when browsing the products we offer such as our logbook loan service. When you register to use our site to secure a potential loan, you give us permission to use the information you provide as part of the process of determining if you are a suitable loan candidate or not. The information we require includes your full name, place of residence, employer and their contact information and lastly, your contact details, including mobile number and email address.

Furthermore, by registering for our website, you allow us to collect information about your usage of our site. This includes any web forms you submit and emails you send to us. All this information we collect helps us to improve your online experience with us. Please be aware that by registering, you allow us to contact you to rate our service, either by telephone or email. We may also send you emails about other products or services we offer when they become available. Should you wish never to receive information about future products from either our partners or us, please contact our call centre and we will gladly take you off our mailing lists.

Information disclosure

When you register to use our website and apply for a logbook loan, you consent to allow us to use your supplied information. Any details you provide us with are kept on a secure computer system with the relevant security in place so as to protect your valuable details from any malicious activity. See below for further security details.

The information provided however will be used by various members of our staff when determining if you are eligible for a loan. It will also be sent to outside partners when performing the relevant credit checks.

In addition to this, we are required by law to pass certain information onto those bodies that regulate our services. This is in your interest as they ensure we provide a proper service to you, the consumer.

Please be aware, if our business is at any time sold, enters a joint venture with another company or merges with a similar operation, your information will be shared with that entity as and when the companies change ownership or merge. We will NEVER provide or sell your information to a third party without you consenting to this particular action.

The use of our website and cookies

Our website makes use of cookies to store information on your personal computer. The use of cookies is common practice on websites throughout the world. They allow a registered user to log on a site far easier by remembering their username and password. This is done as a default although certain settings in your browser can be changed for your computer to stop accepting cookies from our website. Be aware, by turning off cookies, you may still use our website, but certain parts of it will not be available.

Security and your data

We pride ourselves on keeping your data secure. We do this by using the latest up to date security measures available. Although we do take all the necessary steps necessary, many malicious people exist with the ability to hack into a variety of computer systems. Unfortunately, hacking is a worldwide phenomenon and for this reason, the data you provide to us cannot be guaranteed to be totally impenetrable. Rest assured, our systems to this day are 100% secure and we have a 24/7 IT team on duty should any problems arise.

Should our security policy change at any time, all registered users will be notified by email as well as on our website.