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Use the value of your vehicle to secure a logbook loan today!

Did you know that your vehicle could secure a cash amount paid into your bank account within 24 hours?

We offer logbook loans against the value of your car or motorcycle with fair and flexible repayment options tailor-made to suit your budget.

Best of all, there are no credit checks!

Why a logbook loan?

Unfortunately, in today’s world, unexpected emergencies and expenses certainly can put our finances in turmoil. They especially have a nasty habit of appearing when we are really strapped for cash. Luckily, when difficult financial times strike, your vehicle can be used to secure a loan to help mitigate your financial woes.

How can we help?

This is where we can help, giving you a substantial cash boost within a 24-hour time frame. Our secured logbook loans allow you to borrow with ease, based on the value of your car as well as taking its mileage and overall condition into consideration. Better still, you retain your vehicle and are free to use it on a daily basis. All we need from you is the logbook of the vehicle which will then remain in our possession until you have met all your repayment requirements and the loan is paid up and closed. As the loan is secured against your vehicle, the logbook, which proves ownership, offers us security.

Loan requirements

  • We have a few other stipulations as well before we can approve your loan.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You must reside in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.
  • You must have a regular monthly income
  • You must be the owner of the vehicle.
  • The vehicle must be fully insured.
  • The vehicle logbook must be in your name.
  • Other documents required include proof of ID, a proof of address, payslip and the MOT certificate of the vehicle.
  • We will need to perform a thorough vehicle inspection as well.

Depending on the condition of your vehicle, its mileage as well as your monthly income, you can lend anything from £1500 to £50 000. The loan repayment terms themselves are structured in such a way as not to place too much of a financial burden on you. Again, this is calculated on all the criteria mentioned above. Loan repayment terms generally run between 12 to 36 months but can be changed according to each unique circumstance. To calculate monthly terms and repayments based on various factors click here.

What if something happens to my vehicle while I am still in the process of repaying the loan?

Although we allow you to use your car during the length of the loan, it is your responsibility to ensure that it remains in a good condition. If damage does occur to the vehicle because of an accident or the like, you will have it repaired through your full and comprehensive insurance on the vehicle. This should also cover other forms of damage (for example, from hail and other weather damage) and theft.

We are here to help!

Our trained, dedicated staff can help you secure your logbook loan today in a professional and confidential manner. We understand that it is not always easy to approach an institution to lend money, but we pride ourselves in our ability to make you feel at ease during the loan process. Remember, there are no credit checks, so even if you are blacklisted, we can help you secure a loan.

Applying for a loan

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